Algerian opposition party elects new chief

ALGIERS (AFP) - Algeria's opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy elected its spokesman Mohcine Belabbas as its new leader Saturday at a conference in the capital.

Founder-member Said Sadi, 65, had announced on Friday that he was standing down from the leadership "to make way for young people".

Belabbas, 42, a member of parliament and former student leader, was the only candidate to succeed Sadi.

Founded in 1989 when Algeria opened the way to multiparty politics, the RCD has 19 seats in the outgoing national assembly of 489 but has said that it plans to boycott a parliamentary election to be held on May 10.

The party claims the poll will be marred by fraud in favour of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's National Liberation Front and its allies.

World News Today

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