Breaking Bad wins top TV award

Writer Stephen King recently chose Breaking Bad as the best series on TV, saying: "This season, Breaking Bad was more than a good thing; it was a great thing where performance, direction, concept and hallucinatory New Mexico location photography all came together with the power of a bomb wired to a wheelchair. Bryan ­Cranston and Aaron Paul turned in the best performances I've seen in years, and Giancarlo Esposito (as Gus Fring) is simply the best villain ever on a ­continuing TV show. The ultimate showdown between Gus and Walter is mythic, the outcome simultaneously satisfying and completely surprising. Breaking Bad has now surpassed The Sopranos, and, although I love Steve Buscemi, HBO's Boardwalk Empire isn't even in the running. Breaking Bad is an American classic."

Only seasons one and two have been shown in the United Kingdom and currently no one owns the rights to show seasons three and four.

America's leading film and television writers gave their top two movie awards to Midnight in Paris and The Descendants in the final Hollywood guild awards show before next week's Oscars.

Writer-director Woody Allen won 'Best Original Screenplay for Midnight in Paris and The Descendants earned the WGA trophy for best adapted screenplay for writers Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. The Artist was not eligible for a trophy because it was created by French writers. The Help won 'Best Ensemble Cast'

The writers of Modern Family claimed the prize for TV comedy series and Homeland was named best new TV series.

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