Cormac McCarthy the book editor

McCarthy is known to be deeply interested in science. Physicist Luis Bettencourt, who has also been to conferences with the author, said: "Cormac just asks really good questions."

Krauss says he has known the Rhode Island-born author of Blood Meridian for about four years, adding: “Having Cormac’s name on the paperback is one of the biggest honours I could imagine.”

McCarthy is known to be a stickler for accuracy. In The Road, he uses the word 'salitter', whose origins were later found to be in the writings of Jakob Boehme, a 17th-century German Christian mystic.

McCarthy's books have been made into successful films. Ridley Scott is presently preparing to direct The Counsellor while James Franco has started filming an adaptation of McCarthy's Child of God, about a crazed man who lives in a cave in West Virginia.

World News Today

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