Woman left brain-dead after being hit by police taser

Trooper Cole claimed he had reached for his taser as he was worried Miss Maudsley would be hit by a passing car. As to why he hadn't tried to restrain her physically, he said he had been concerned they both would be injured if he tried to tackle her to the ground.

He later added that he would not have done anything differently in light of the outcome.

The police officer was cleared of any wrongdoing by the US Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Miss Maudley’s mother Cheryl said she intends to launch legal action against Florida highway patrol over the incident.

“Tell me that’s not excessive force. I’m not saying she was an angel, but she didn’t deserve that,” she told local paper the Tampa Bay Times. “He couldn’t just reach out and grab her? He was an arm’s distance away. My daughter is dead because of this. She won’t come back.”

Miss Maudley had been arrested after allegedly leaving the scene of two traffic accidents. She was later found to have had cocaine and oxycodone in her body.

Experts in use of force expressed shock at the footage saying: "It just doesn't make any sense. I don't see where it's going to be that hard to apprehend her." Another expert called the police tactic "inappropriate".

World News Today

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