US joins condemnation of Yulia Tymoshenko treatment

On Tuesday, her daughter, Yevgeniya Tymoshenko, 32, said in a statement posted online: "My mother has not been eating for 12 days. We are very worried about her health. It's the holidays and they're not letting us see her, and we don't know what can happen to her during this time. We are very worried." She added: "I appeal to every Ukrainian: don't be indifferent. If Yanukovych's regime did this to the former prime minister, think about what they can do to you." Speaking in Prague on Monday, Ms Tymoshenko, who married British musician Sean Carr in 2005, said her mother had been "very weak and her physical condition was worsening" when she saw her two days earlier.

"We're running out of time – I don't know how much longer my mother can be on hunger strike, whether it can be five or 10 days, we're not sure," she added.

World News Today

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