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Mark Hughes slams FA for protecting officials following 'ghost goal' in Queens Park Rangers' loss to Bolton

“All we hope for is a level playing field so that. If we get beaten fairly and squarely we can hold our hands up. We’re big enough and brave enough to do that.”

Joey Barton, QPR’s controversial captain, weighed into the argument shortly after the final whistle on Twitter. “Can’t blame the officials, their hands are tied,” he said.

“Feel physically sick. Seminal moment in the game. We have to be the unluckiest team this season. When ur down there, u rarely get rub of the green.”

Fifa, football’s governing body, have so far resisted goal-line technology as well as other proposed ideas such as instant replay and adding extra officials.

But, following Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal in the 2010 World Cup quarter-final against Germany, the organisation’s president Sepp Blatter hinted that technology could be in place in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

IFAB met last week and approved testing for two devices that could be used to help officials make decisions and they will ratify their decision to allow technology when they meet again onJuly 2, after the Euro 2012 tournament finishes.

Although it only kicks off six weeks later, Premier League sources say they will see whether it is possible to have a system in place for the start of the next domestic season.

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