Political History of Ghana

This text comes from the Country Studies Program, formerly the Army Area Handbook Program. The Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.
From The Library of Congress
1 Government and Politics ghanapolitics.net
2 Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) ghanapolitics.net
3 The Political Scene Under the PNDC ghanapolitics.net
4 Revolutionary Organs ghanapolitics.net
5 Political Ferment Under the PNDC ghanapolitics.net
6 Interest Groups and National Politics ghanapolitics.net
7 District Assembly Elections ghanapolitics.net
8 Charting the Political Transition ghanapolitics.net
9 Presidential Elections ghanapolitics.net
10 Parliamentary Elections ghanapolitics.net
11 The Fourth Republic ghanapolitics.net
12 The Judiciary ghanapolitics.net
13 The Civil Service ghanapolitics.net
14 The Media ghanapolitics.net
15 Regional and Local Government ghanapolitics.net
16 Political Dynamics under the Fourth Republic ghanapolitics.net
17 Developing Democratic Institutions in Ghana ghanapolitics.net
18 Ghana's Foreign Relations ghanapolitics.net
19 Ghana's Relations with Immediate African Neighbours ghanapolitics.net
20 Ghana and Burkina Faso ghanapolitics.net
21 Ghana and The Organization of African Unity and the Rest of Africa ghanapolitics.net
22 Ghana - Britain and the Commonwealth ghanapolitics.net
23 Ghana and the United States ghanapolitics.net
24 Ghana and Other Countries ghanapolitics.net
25 Ghana and International Organizations ghanapolitics.net
26 The Historical Links Between China and Ghana ghanapolitics.net
27 Jerry Rawlings - His Excellency the Former President of Ghana ghanapolitics.net
28 John Agyekum Kufour - His Excellency the Former President of the Republic of Ghana ghanapolitics.net
29 President Mills views On Ghana Health ghanapolitics.net
30 Ghana and Nigeria ghanapolitics.net
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