Lawrence Taylor's Prostitute Files Lawsuit -- Assault and Battery

Gloria Allred and her client Christina Fierro
The former child prostitute who claims she was raped by Lawrence Taylor is suing the former NFL star for assault and battery ... claiming she "repeatedly tried to push Taylor off of her" during their 2010 encounter  .... but he forced himself inside of her anyway.

Gloria Allred and her client Cristina Fierro -- now 18 years old -- spoke today during a news conference in NYC, announcing Fierro had filed the lawsuit ... in which she is demanding unspecified damages.

Fierro claims Taylor had sex with her -- despite several visible wounds left behind by her pimp, who allegedly beat her into a bloody pulp before ordering her to have sex with the NFL star.

Taylor was sentenced to 6 months probation this year after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute.

Attempts to reach Taylor were unsuccessful.

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