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Culver Modisette- Connecticut Man Who Pulled His Horse Tied to Truck

Culver Modisette  a man in Connecticut is under fire after a video showing him tying his horse to his truck and pulling her was released, he aid the reason of this horrific act of animal cruelty was because the mare disobeyed him.

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Mr. Modisette  an 86 year-old war veteran from Stafford Springs, Colorado said Annie is pure bred Arabian mare escaped over the weekend, the  mare who is in heat was tied up  on the bumper of Mr. Modisette’s truck and drove until the horse fell.

Culver said he had no choice but to do that because she [Annie] nearly threw him into the woods,, he couldn’t left her there, the only thing for him to do was to tied her of his truck, he added he drove very slowly when Annie slipped and fell he stop the truck.

“She nearly threw me across the woods” when he tried to walk her back to her barn. What else was I going to do? I’ve got to bring her down, I can’t leave her up there.

“I was just trying to get her down in her stable for her breakfast and apples and so forth,” Modisette said. “No malicious intent. She wasn’t being dragged. I didn’t drag her. She fell and I stopped,”

But according to his neighbor Helen Kelley (who took the pictures and video),  things were not the way he said they were..

“I started screaming to him, ‘Stop, you’re killing your horse, cut the rope! Really, he could’ve broken her neck,” she told the station. “It was a sad thing to watch.”

Mr. Modisette is also a book author, his book Honored Enemy was published last November

culver modisette connecticut book author ride with horse tied to truck photo

About Culver Modisette.. (from his Bio on Amazon)

Culver Modisette enlisted in the Navy at age 17, hunting German U-boats until the war’s end, and then spent four glorious years at Dartmouth College. Modisette toiled for two decades as an advertising/PR executive until opening an outdoor sports business devoted to ecology sports—sports that were self-propelled, no machines or gadgets. The company offered guided canoe and hiking trips through Canada, the US and Alaska. Over the years, he came to admire and sympathize with the Athabaskan Indian people’s fortitude in the face of extreme poverty in the Arctic Circle, rural Alaska.

He eventually retired to be a tree farmer and Labrador breeder on 150 acres in Connecticut. Modisette is the president of the Northern Connecticut Land Trust and coaches the time-honored Indian game of lacrosse. He lives with his wife, Norma, and three exuberant yellow Labs.

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