One can never always tell what Jamaica's Dancehall elements will be coming with next.If its not rape, its murder ,incarceration,drug charge or even stealing as many are commonly know for.But who would have thought that new buzzing female artist Gabriel who came on the scene reviving classic such as Millie Small's My Boy Lollipop would come with a song totally pronouncing sex!!!!!!

News about the release have hit the ears of many and have left in awe as she was always put forward as a "conscious lyrics" type who only sing like the legends as she tried to do with the Millie Small hit single My Boy Lollipop.

Reggae Dancehall artist Gabriel has shocked Jamaica with the release of her new single that is clearly talking sex.The female artist has released Cum Now which is filled with sexually connotative lyrics and symbolizes nothing less than sexual activities taking place.

The song is being heavily criticized as being raunchy and contains vivid sexual imagery.

Gabriel plays on the word cum to mean appearance or to appear;whilst the song is suggesting cum as mere orgasm.

Nonetheless, it is left up to listeners to give their own meaning to the song as it can be interpreted to mean more than one thing.

The lollipop singer who has being heavily scrutinized recently for her single with Dancehall's legendary Bounty Killer and was recently headlined in an ongoing dating rumour with the War-lord is no where near escaping back-lashing by the public.

Cum now has being attracting ongoing discussions all over and many believe the female singer has stepped away from what they called her Millie Small style that she first appeared with when she came in the spotlight with My Boy Lollipop.

The song has so far gotten several criticisms similar to her recent cover of My Boy Lollipop done with Bounty Killer .Many fans claim that Bounty has contradicted his gangster image when he collaborated on a so called freaky single with Gabriel.

Although many claim to like the song as they say its different and displays a high level of improvement on the part of the young artist,they still believe it is too raunchy and not fit for the ears.One fan tweets,"i hope the radio will not play this song because any fool can understand that she is clearly singing about sex." But at the same time,One facebook comment states.."song wikid..mi love it,Gabriel u ting tun up loud".

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