Finally from the camp of RICHKID ENTERTAINMENT comes what is ticked to be Ghana's hottest music video by SWAG SOCIETY for their debut hit single “Too Biggie”.

The video will be premiered at Hollywood Blvd, inside the A&C Mall in East-Legon on Saturday 3rdMarch with performances by top Ghanaian artistes.

With “Too Biggie” already gaining remarkable airplay and massive online downloads, fans can be rest assured that the Video will boost the popularity of the song and more.

'Kay', a member of the group describes the video as “eye popping' he hinted that fans should look out for several products & merchandise by SWAG SOCIETY which will be released onto the Ghanaian market later this year are found in the video.

The video is of high quality and meets all international standards. It has several jaw dropping scenes and cameos by some Ghanaian stars and others bound to make fans keep replaying.

The song is based on the popular nursery rhyme “Fox Fox Fox, go into the box” but has been upgraded into rap with an added flair of Hip-Hop and style to have a different meaning.

SWAG SOCIETY group consists of rap duo “Kay” and “Bbonics” and has affiliation with top music labels in and out of Ghana.

Ladies and gentlemen get ready for SWAG SOCIETY. Get ready for “Too Biggie”. Follow @swagsocietyghon twitter and Swag Society on facebook Contact: 026-2304069

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