Producers are hard to find for up-coming highlife artistes – O'boy Kojo

COMING FROM a family full of musicians, Kojo Danquah, well known as O'boy Kojo, has indicated that one of the major reasons why most youngsters choose to do hiplife instead of highlife is due to the fact of the difficulty in getting a producer.

According to him, there are lots of youngsters in the dark who are very good at doing highlife, but because of the difficulty in getting producers, they decide to do rap songs full of profanity to gain the attention of music producers.

O'boy noted that “in Ghana, our cultural music is highlife but I don't see why we seem not to have respect for it but that is where wisdom, education and inspiration lie.”

To make matters worse for highlifers, he lamented that DJs also add up to their burden by asking for huge payola's before playing ones songs.

O'boy Kojo revealed that he is currently working with his mentor, Oheneba Kissi, on his debut album which hopefully will be ready by the end of July this year.

He mentioned Agya Koo Nimo, Gyedu Blay Ambuley and Oheneba Kissi as his sources of inspiration and hope to go far in the music industry.

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