New drivers' license not GH¢450, DVLA debunks rumours

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The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) has debunked claims that its new drivers' license will be over priced.

Recently, the Chief Executive of DVLA, Kwesi Agyemang Busia, told Joy News, the Authority will also phase out the existing driver's license and replace it with a new one which will be introduced to the public on July 18.

He said the new drivers' license will have enhanced security features which will make it difficult to duplicate.

“This is a unique card with a contact chip in it which is popular across the world like the new biometric passport," he said. 

Mr Busia said the Authority wants to ensure that there is only one legalised license used in the country to counter duplication. 

Like the biometric passport, he explained that it will have a lot of security features some of which will be visible to the eye and others which are not.

He believes this will also block the financial leakage in that department as the services of fraudsters and ‘goro boys’ will not be needed.

Explaining the frustrations of applicants having to wait for months before getting their licenses, he said the new driver's license will be ready for pick up between three weeks and a month after the application has been submitted.

For those who apply for the new premium service, they will receive their licenses within two weeks.

Applicants will also have the option of picking it up at any of the DVLA offices across the country or having it delivered to their offices at a fee.

He believes this will create a hole in the activities of the 'goro boys' and in the long term when their efforts are frustrated, people will stop patronising their services.

He revealed that the Authority is working to clear the backlog of applications pending since 2014.

“For those who applied in 2014/15 and are captured in our systems, they should come back at no cost at all to get a new license," he said.

He added that factors such as the speed in producing the new licenses and its improved quality and security features will hike up costs.

“It’s a decision made on analysis, it’s a decision made on what has gone into it...there is a lot of variables that are going into it. So the pricing will be available before the 18th of July.

"For now, I can say that it is going to be more than the one that we had. It will be reasonable for the citizenry, but it is going to be more,” he said.

He revealed that DVLA will no longer contract private firms to print the drivers’ licenses or documents such as roadworthy certificates.

Mr Agyemang Busia also revealed that the Authority has procured its own machines for printing such sensitive documents.

At a brief news conference Monday, the Authority said the new license will cost between GH¢50 and GH¢80 and not the over GH¢450 people are speculating.

It explained that there was a miscommunication between it and the sector Ministry, which sought to suggest the new license will be introduced next year.

The Authority assured it is on course to introduce the new license on July 18.