Missing In Inaction In The Year Of Negative Action

Action year 2011 turned a year of inaction and negative action. And so eight days to its end, he who declared action went missing in inaction. The heat generated by negative action had become too intense to be contained by his state of fragility.

The disappearance occurred on Xmas eve, twenty-fourth night two thousand and eleven Anno Domini, to be exact. The little action in 2011 turned negative. Actually, the various pieces of little action were all negatively big.

He who, in his addresses to all his brothers and sisters of the motherland, had promised action because he had refused in His name to be seen as inactive or doing little, had to vamoose to maintain some sanity in negativity.

One hundred and sixty-nine thousand Ghana cedis had disappeared from the Ministry of Information and turned into hampers by some hangers on greedy bastards. Wailing motherland was wailing with another one hundred and sixty-six thousand gone into a Bob Marley and the Wailers (BMW) road. STX Korea swore having spent nine million United States dollars in a phantom housing deal, with not a single mud house built.

The meter measuring pumped oil had been mysteriously damaged beyond repair. And court ruling after court ruling had deflated the law professor's credentials. Less than half of candidates presented for basic education examination had flunked. This list goes on.

The disappointing performance triggered various regime ailments, many of which, according to my Alata classmate, the miracle of Rasputin Joshua could not effectively handle. An alternative of chilling in New York and Havana had sustained the health of a spirit broken by negative action. Negative action had replaced promised positive action to better the lives of the daughters and sons of the motherland, my compatriots.

The New York triumphant return was soured by the law professor's knowledge that his entire government had been woyomied. He had learnt that his loud-mouthed attorney general, an expert in big mouth talk who probably knew little about court practice, had capitulated to a historic payout of fifty-nine million Ghana cedis to an individual under very muddied no defence circumstances.

She had entered no defence in a case a number of legal minds believe was meritoriously arguable.

When public sector workers could not be paid their Xmas salaries on top of all that, whatever improved medical condition was achieved in New York and or Havana vanished into thin air.

And so, on a twenty-fourth night, on the eve of the celebration of the yuletide, the big do on the calendar of a motherland declared one big prayer camp, the brother disappeared, ostensibly to meet American investors on Xmas day in God's own country! I can sense a desperate search for the next available flight to New York or Havana or both.

Whatever New York and or Havana made of the good health had been arrested and dissipated, woyomied or aggravated by the sickening huge payout to one person, one person only by the law professor's lawyer and adviser on law, the attorney general of the motherland.

This was more than the Joshua man could handle. He had prophesied that a possible two-round election would travel three phases and that a prayer warrior who hears no evil, sees no evil and speaks no evil, except it is about his opponent winner, would be triumphant. That prophesy came to pass.

Olu Jacobs recently said that when the motherland has a headache, Alataland feels it. 'But no Boko Haram oo' yelled everyone. My take, which is the beef, is let the motherland not be mysteriously Yar'Aduaed.

Currently, the only action in town, which also happens to be negative action, is of an event about Osagyefo's own party led by Osagyefo's own daughter.  It has been described as the politics of good riddance.

Let me repeat that the motherland needs the CPP. What the CPP needs is a Pa Grant financier and a Sonia Gandhi organizer. What both brought to the group they belonged and belong to was commitment to a successful group agenda and no personal interest in directly exercising the power of government.

When business and politics get combined in one leader, you get a Berlusconi who will lead himself out of government by incurring too much debt. A collapsed Cashpro power behind the inactive pilot of a promised action year, which became a year of inaction in the motherland, has already sunk the motherland into record indebtedness. The motherland needs not more of that stuff; no more motherland afflicted with congress inaction and negative action.

Kwame Nkrumah did not succeed with the CPP because he had money. I cannot see anyone leading the motherland to the promised motherland because he has money. It will take commitment to Osagyefo's group-centred ideals to achieve that.      

 By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Ghana Politics Today

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