Tesano Police to be more vigilant after Lapaz shoot-out

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A day after a police man was gunned down by two armed robbers on motorbikes, the police administration says it has intensified patrols along the Lapaz enclave in Accra where the incident occurred.

Tesano District Commander Edward Kojo Tetteh told Joy News’ Beatrice Adu they are going to be more vigilant and change the patrol trends in the area.

Daniel Owusu was shot multiple times in broad day light and in the middle of the streets by the two daring robbers. He died later at the Police Hospital.

A second policeman Dzibril Alhassan who was shot in the hand by the same robbers is receiving treatment.

The two were on community patrols on their motorbikes in Lapaz in Accra when they saw the two men sitting on an unregistered motorbike.

They then mounted a chase only for the two men to open fire.

Alhassan was the first to be shot at by the robbers. He fell from his motorbike and without any weapon to fire back, he took to his heels and sought refuge at the Lapaz hospital which was close to the scene.

Owusu who followed from a distance was also shot at a number of times, leading to his death.

The two robbers later snatched a vehicle and sped off from the scene of the incident.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu who visited the scene of the attack later Friday, said bloodstains of the fallen police man is still visible.

The community is still alarmed by the incident but the police say they are going to revise their strategies.

“Crime trend changes and when they do we also change our trends,” he said, adding they are studying the trends and will react appropriately.