Traders, Artisans beg Achimota authorities against eviction from school land

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Traders and artisans on the Achimota school land are pleading with the authorities of the school not to evict them.

They fear any eviction will lead to loss of livelihood.

Authorities at the Achimota School have decided to execute a court order they received earlier in 2017, after seven years of litigation, to reclaim the school lands from all private developers who were encroaching on the property.

According to the traders and artisans some military men came recently to evict them from the land.

In an interview with Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba the artisans are pleading with school authorities to halt the eviction since they have nowhere else to go.

Achimota School

Achimota School

In a spirited appeal, a spare parts dealer said their presence in the school has helped in fighting armed robbery activities.

“This area was filled with thieves. Peviously you can’t pass here after 6:00 pm but since we came here all the thieves are gone”, he said.

“They should give us a portion of the land to work on with rules and regulations and we are ready to comply because many of us will go jobless if they evict us,” another man said.

An auto mechanic who also spoke said they were asked to demolish all their shelters, gather their garbage and burn them.

Even though they burnt the garbage as instructed, they say they cannot pull down the structures that provide them the shelter they so badly need.

The Achimota school lands have been a subject of controversy for several years with school authorities’ threatened by individuals who claim to be owners of the land.

The July 17, 2017, ruling by an Accra High Court, however, settled the dispute and ordered the school authorities to reclaim the land.