I will do anything for Medikal – Fella Makafui opens up and Talks Sister Derby - Watch Video

Actress Fella Makafui has revealed that there’s nothing in this world that can exacerbate her relationship with rapper Medikal.

According to the actress, for now there’s nothing she won’t do for Medikal and she’s ready to keep that vow too.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on HitzFM, she said she believes that her rapper boyfriend will also return that favor and therefore has no problem doing anything for him.

“For now I don’t know, I will do anything for him. Because he’ll do anything for me too” she said.

When asked what she will do if she finds him cheating she said

“He will never (cheat), because I don’t see him like that”

Never been friends with Sister Derby

Actress Fella Makafui says she has never been friends with Sister Derby, contrary to perceptions that the two were buddies before Fella started dating Medikal.

The two caused a stir on social media after reports emerged that Sister Derby had been ditched by her then boyfriend, Medikal for Fella Makafui.

Sister Derby released ‘Kakalika’ love song to confirm the reports indicating that Medikal had truly parted ways with her. The perception most people in the public domain carry is that Fella was close friends with Sister Derby but Fela has denied the claim.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Monday, Fella said she was aware of Medikal’s relationship with Sister Derby but started dating him when he became single.

“We met on Facebook. He did reach out to me and said normal stuff and that is way back. Debbie knew we were cool. They had broken up before I came in and there is nothing wrong with that so far as they have broken up.”

She added that, “people think the girl was my friend but I have never spoken to her before. Medikal is my friend so I don’t see any reason why I should be cool with her. I haven’t met her and I have no issues with her.”

Asked what her reaction would be if they met in person, Fella simply said, “there would be no issue just sister vibely things.”