Kwami Sefa Kayi tells Akufo-Addo his Government has failed us

Renowned journalist and host of Peace FM morning show 'Kokrokoo', Kwami Sefa Kayi has bemoaned the ruling government's inability to construct the Lekma Hospital road; an issue he has been talking about for years

Kwami Sefa Kayi tells Akufo-Addo his Government has failed us
Kwami Sefa Kayi

According to him, "when it comes to the Lekma Hospital road, government has failed us."

It is an undeniable fact that most roads in the country are in such a deplorable state that they have turned into death traps, ready to snap motorists who dare refuse to drive at a snail’s pace in conformity with the  decayed road networks.

Just like many others, driving through the bush road through Tabebiano, Camp-two to the Lekma Hospital is really a nightmare. Unfortunately,  it is the only alternative route to residential areas around the Manet Estate, off the Spintex road.

Residents and commuters alike have had cause to complain about the bush road- Tebebiano-Camp Two- Lekma Hospital route, decrying the potholes which keep on expanding in size and depth each second of the day.

Since the potholes seem to have been specially arranged and knitted together, it is highly impossible to avoid plunging into any of them, they bemoan. Persistent rainfalls in Accra recently have also added to the nightmare, especially, when the showers start early in the mornings.

In such periods, many of the roads suddenly turn into muddy streams, becoming slippery and treacherous, such that, one needs to apply all the requisite driving skills to drive through unscathed.

Indeed, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ledzokuku, Dr Okoe Boye, is on record to have stated a couple of months ago that the LEKMA Hospital is teeming with patients for various diseases caused by the bumpy nature of the road. According to him, some residents have had miscarriage and others have contracted asthma due to the constant inhaling of the dust on the bumpy road.

It therefore defies logic why in the face of all these concerns, that particular road and other road networks have been left unattended to by government.